Saturday, February 26, 2011

the new blog

I'm pretty sure I've never had many, if any regular readers of my short-lived book review blog, but after a few years, i've decided to resurrect it, in a manner of speaking. So here's the low-down:

For the last couple of years, almost all of my reading has been done through audio books. Say what you will, but it's what my life allows. In fact, as I am able to listen to audio books while at work, my throughput on reading has skyrocketed far above what it ever was while I was working at Waldenbooks/Borders. However, I really don't feel that it's fair to do a review of a book based on an audio version, as a bad reader can ruin an otherwise great novel.

So, instead of focusing solely on book reviews, Libram X will now cover a wide variety of topics. I'll still do book reviews, as well talking about books more generally, but I'll be talking about board, card, and role-playing games (including my own home-brewed rules and content), comic books, tv shows, movies, music and other geeky things. I'll probably also talk about roller derby.

So, let's get started.

It's currently snowing outside, and I'm sitting in a coffee shop in LaCrosse, sipping hot cocoa and waiting for a handmade veggie pizza. Rilo Kiley's "Under the Blacklight" is playing over the sound system. It's not a terrible way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Later tonight, I plan on getting together with some friends for some games. There will probably be Munchkin Quest and maybe some Smallworld, for which I just picked up the few expansions that I didn't have, so I'm itching to give those a run. I've also brought along the entirety of my Munchkin card game collection (which is pretty darned close to everything that's out) as well as a strange little card game called We Didn't Playtest This At All, which is kind of like Fluxx, without all the game balance and strategy.

My pizza has arrived, and it smells delicious. Hopefully the next post will talk about what games were played, how they worked, and will have some pictures to go along with it.

Welcome to the new Libram X!

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