Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gamma World, Session One

Just finished up running the first session of what will hopefully be an ongoing Gamma World campaign. First, let's meet the characters:

Steve "Steam" Post (played by Nick)

Steam is a mutant with the Speedster and Exploding origins. He is enthralled by things that blow up and go fast. He sports a fancy letterman's jacket and his weapon of choice is a baseball bat.

Gobi (played by Kristen)

Gobi is a mutant with the Plastic and Plant origins. She is a humanoid plant decked out in a leather jacket and who attacks with prehensile vines. She can also produce various fruits.

Jerry from Tech Support (played by Manda)

Jerry is a mutant with the Saurian and Plaguebearer origins. He is a man-sized Tyranosaur armored with old couch cushions. He prefers to bite his enemies. Jerry likes collecting buttons, eating meat, and performing science.

Our group of lovable misfits have taken on the job of saving the village of Blisterin' Faire from a daily visitation of robots that sometimes destroy the city walls. Following leads, they discovered a small tower occupied by badders and their hired guards. After dealing with the outer guards, they found themselves outmanned by the badders' yexil pet. Narrowly escaping death, they have set out to return to Blisterin' Faire to find more help.

My Initial Thoughts

For our first game, I decided to forgo using my home-brew rules and just use the rules as they were written. After the first session, I think that I was pretty right on with my changes. While I do get the design idea that getting a new Alpha Mutation every encounter will make players more likely to use those cool powers, in practice it didn't really play out like that. Next session I'll be instituting my changes and we'll see how those play out.

Next time we'll hopefully be adding two more to the party.


deadtazzfreak(donny) said...

I don't like the constant Alpha Mutation changes either, it's too easy to forget about especially with the natural 1's. What is your solution?

mat black said...

follow the link for my home-brew rules in the post.