Thursday, September 1, 2011

September (and Beyond)

September is here, and that means lots of good things. Halloween stores are starting to open and the holiday itself is only two months away. Roller derby season is starting up, and that means a lot of trips from Janesville to Eau Claire to announce for the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls. It also means that the big convention season is over, and most of the really big gaming product releases have passed.

One of my goals for this fall and winter is to play more varied games. RPG-wise, I hope to get in some of the new Gamma World, Eclipse Phase, The Dresden Files RPG, Scion, World of Darkness (old and/or new), Star Wars Saga Edition (I'm champing at the bit to play Calman Artis, con-man, techie, and slicer) and the Laundry. While I do love D&D/Pathfinder, and plan on playing it as well, there's a lot of other stuff out there, and it's time to make some of it happen. Board and card game-wise, I'm hoping to dig into my library a bit more. Game nights usually default to Talisman or Castle Ravenloft/Wrath of Ashardalon. Come October, I'm sure The Legend of Drizzt game will added in there, too. But I've still got games in my collection that I've never played once (Vampire: Prince of the City, Letters From Whitechapel, Battlestar Galactica, and Merchants & Marauders, to name just a few), or ones that I haven't played enough or in a long time (Mansions of Madness, Red Dragon Inn, Defenders of the Realm, and Killer Bunnies, to name a few more).

The real question, though, is how to achieve all of this while at the same time working six days a week, announcing for derby one or two days a month, starting up a monthly Pathfinder Society game, get started on a top-secret project, and still having some time to myself once in a while. It's going to be an interesting adventure...

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